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About the Presenter

Julia Benkert is a serious wine enthusiast who loves nothing more than introducing people to the joys of wine appreciation. Julia holds a Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET II) certification in wine expertise.

Suggested Party Themes

Palate personality

Identify the tastes you enjoy and learn how to talk about them in wine-speak! This is ideal for the novice as well as the experienced wine lover.

Quite White-ly!

Beyond chardonnay…let’s venture out and try some whites off the beaten path

Reddy, Set, Go!

Compare differences in red wines and decide which tickles your fancy!


All that sparkles is not Champagne! Try a variety of sparkling wines you’ll want to drink every day!

Contact us today to plan your party at 311 Drafthouse or an in-home tasting!

We’ll help you choose the program and wines which best suit your party needs!

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