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Southern Tier’s rare “RumKing” coming to 311 Drafthouse on Saturday, Sept. 23rd!

Quench your thirst after the Groovy Gourd Bike Tour on Saturday, September 23rd with a visit to 311 try to the rare “RumKing” from Southern Tier Brewing Co.! RumKing is the name affectionately given to Rum Barrel Aged Pumking, and … where to buy Keppra online

311 Drafthouse will be featuring domestic beer favorites and local craft brews for Piqua Bikefest 2017 on Sept 16-17th!!!

  Stop by 311 Drafthouse during the 2017 Piqua Bikefest because we’ll be tapping a variety of domestic favorites and local craft beers to quench your thirst after the day’s festivities! Check out our special Bikefest Menu: